Hi Guys I am a new 1969 camaro owner and have a bunch of questions
the car is got is in very good shape no rust runs good very responsive. it does need a few cosmetic stuff as well as a new paint job

I would like to update the car So the exterior is original and the interior will have a mix of modern and original touches

living in Florida I will need to add ac to the car
this car did not come with ac so I have a few questions
I am going top get the vintage air kit - however I need to buy a new dash pad and a few other trim pieces for the car should I buy one for a AC car or non ac car like it is

I would like to upgrade the suspension to a more modern day sports car
I do not want to go all out and do new sub farms
I am looking for a good kit spring and shocks and arms or coil overs and arms - whats the better way to go
would coil overs make a big difference over a good spring and shock kit

would a new suspension kit lower the car - what is the best tier and rim set up
I would like to go the biggest I could do to get the best stance

I would also like to add rack a pinion kit
what do you guys recommend

I will also most likely add a new steering box for that modern day. feel

I need a new wiper motor - should I go with a. new 2 speed or upgrader to a new modern kit

I Alsop need to replace both door window glass - what do you need besides the glass too make it fit like it did from the factory
currently the glass ratels a bit but that's not what I want to replace its scratched

is there any other good options for a big brake system other then willow

any feeds back you can provide is appreciated