I have an odd dilemma; I have been asked by a fellow retired Army friend to rebuild/restore a car that has been in the family over 25 years, that has been in mothball for over 15 years. I went and got the car, which by all appearances is a Camaro and as I start the project, I take down the VIN and Body Tags so I can begin to accurately restore. Bottom line, I discover that the VIN decodes as a 1972 Nova... the second digit is an X instead of a Q. Also, The body trim tag has the code 11327, which decodes as a Nova Sport Coupe. I do know about the 1972 GM strike and closure of the plants... is this some hybrid of Camaro or Nova that has been refitted somehow? I am stopping the project for a while so I can resolve this. The owner told me it was frequently going back and forth to Mexico/California and I am leery it could be something sinister. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.