The last couple years I have been fighting with the dealership about what I am almost positive is an electrical issue.
It starts with the stero console. Canít adjust the volume or change the station. Canít turn on the seat warmers and wonít connect to my phone. They have replace it twice. After that happens, within a few days at most, the traction control light comes on and the check engine light flashes. It never says solid. And it idles rough. It lasts about 3-5 minutes then stops and doesnít happen again for months. Itís not throwing any codes. They said it wonít show a code if the light isnít solid on. Iíve shown them pictures and video and they say they canít find anything wrong with it. And of course it doesnít do it while they have it. I just hit 50,000 miles but itís been happening since I was around 10,000. Iím hoping someone may have some insight.63B8C281-47D3-434B-A661-9A2BBF86427A.jpg