Hi Fellow Camaro owners!

Are you looking for a spare tire kit??? https://modernspare.com/

+ Heavy Duty Modern Spare Complete Kit Carrying Case With Storage Pocket For TruLift Ratcheting Scissor Jack & Telescoping Lug Wrench.
+18x4 Aluminum Alloy Wheel With 5x120MM Bolt Pattern. Maxxis T155/70R18 Tire W/81 MPH Speed Rating (112M) - 26.5” Rolling Diameter For Safe Extended Vehicle Use.
+Enlarged Wheel Brake Caliper Clearance For Use With Large Modern Brake Systems. Safe To Use For Replacement Of Front & Rear Tires With No Spacer Required for 2010-2015 models (Spacer required for ZL1 2016 up - spacers are also availabe through us)
+3000 LB TruLift Ratcheting Scissor Jack With Rubber Contact Point. Modern Spare 14” - 21” Telescoping Lug Wrench With 17MM, 19MM, 21MM, & 22MM Sockets.
+Large Disposable Tire Bag Included For Full Size Tire Transport

We guarantee our kit to be the highest quality and best option for your money on the market today. Here is why:

To make our kit incredibly simple to use, we began by designing an aluminum alloy wheel that is significantly lighter and more capable than its conventional steel counterpart. This makes it much easier to handle and improves vehicle performance & fuel economy. To maintain excellent standards of quality, we ensured that our alloy wheel meets or exceeds the latest DOT standards. To make storage and transport easy, we designed a custom carrying case constructed with durable high strength material that is reinforced by interwoven nylon straps. This allows users to comfortably transport and store the kit at home or in the trunk of a vehicle.

When further evaluating how to improve user experience, we considered the frustrations that plague conventional spare tire kits. Namely, the included scissor jacks were frustrating to use and did not allow the needed leverage to easily lift a vehicle. We eliminated this problem by developing a custom 3000 LB scissor jack that utilizes a ratcheting mechanism to provide the required leverage and efficiency to easily and quickly lift a vehicle. Should a stubborn lug nut present itself, our included telescoping lug wrench provides nearly two feet of leverage to easily remove and retighten lug nuts. As a forethought, we included a full size tire bag so that if you find yourself needing to place a full size flat tire in your vehicle, no road debri or dirt will find it’s way to your car’s upholstery. Bottom line, we have approached this kit from every angle to ensure that our customers have the best user experience possible.

For more info please visit our site: https://modernspare.com/