Need input. My 2017 SS Camaro (20,000 miles ... no mods) has two issues that recently started occurring. They may be related?

1) I feel a slight hesitation in my engine when driving on both acceleration and cruise. The simple test I performed with the technician was set my cruise control then drove up a moderate hill. At a steady cruise speed I'd feel a slight hesitation/drag which coincided with the RPMs fluctuating up and down by 100 RPMs (sometimes up to 300 RPMs).

2) Periodically I feel a shudder as I'm driving at interstate speeds. Feels like driving over a highway rumble strip.

What is going on?

The technician at the dealership observed both issues as we did a test drive. No check engine light, no codes. Said everything checked out. Said to just enjoy my car. Hard for me to enjoy when I'm always feeling these problem.