New wheels, need new tires.
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Thread: New wheels, need new tires.

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    New wheels, need new tires.

    Hey guys,

    Getting ready to mount up some new summer shoes for my camaro in the coming weeks (probably mid-late march, early april)

    Wheels I have are 20x9 (front) and 20x10 (rear) TSW Nurburgrings. No tires yet though...I'm pretty much decided on brand\model of tire (Nitto INVO), but still trying to decide size.

    I'm thinking 245/45ZR20 or 255/45ZR20 for the front (leaning towards the 245's, IMO the 255's will be too tall), and for the rear I'm thinking 275/40ZR20. That rear size is pretty damn close to OEM OD (0.18% taller, about 1.25mm). Fronts are a close match too, at the 245 size...

    Other option is to go really wide...
    315/35zr20 rear, 275/40zr20 front..

    I'm not terribly worried about the pricing brother is more or less helping me out (half brother, his job is wholesale\warehousing\delivering tires to retailers). Just concerned that the smaller tire size mentioned is too small, and the larger tire size mentioned is too large...can we fit 315's safely in the rear? i've seen wheel\tirepackages offered for the Camaro, with the same offset\size as the wheels I have with 315's mounted on the rears...i'd just rather not have to do any cutting\trimming\etc to make whatever I get work. I would assume since someone sells a package like this it's been tested to fit, but I wouldn't be certain enough to bet cash on it.

    Any suggestions\help would be greatly appreciated.


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    What year is you car again?

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