Starter motor for zz4 engine...?
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Thread: Starter motor for zz4 engine...?

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    Starter motor for zz4 engine...?

    Hello all,

    my recently purchased 1981 Generation 2 Camaro comes with a modified ZZ4 engine.
    Sadly the starter keeps sticking and doesn't allow me to turn over the engine properly. So the option is to get it rebuilt or buy brand new one.
    Can anyone advise who rebuilds these or if not where to buy a new or reconditioned unit?


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    Joe, you really need to look at the flywheel/flexplate before you rule out the starter, get a pic of it and post the image if needed if the teeth are rounded off and worn badly a new starter will be the same issue...also the starter may need to be shimmed right..they sell shims for this shim on the inside bolt to move the starter out and shim on the outside bolt to move the starter in. You use a paper clip between the teeth starter gear and flywheel teeth for clearance...or use the allen head sized per the video..below. try the adjustment before buying anything, it may be your whole issue..
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    Yup, check those teeth, the alignments and shims. Also check all leads.

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