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Thread: 2010 Camaro Wagon build

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    2010 Camaro Wagon build

    I have always been fascinated with the creativity and vision of the late great GM designer Harley Earl.
    So what happens when you like a specific vehicle but think maybe the design could be a little different. A couple years ago I had an idea for a Gen5 Camaro 2door Station Wagon that I called a Nomaro. As I have done with some of my other one of a kind builds, I started by looking at similar ideas others may have done, cutting and pasting images and building a design toy model to see if I should pursue this project. I also spent a lot of time checking and measuring Camaro's and other cars that might be suitable donors for parts needed in this build.
    Next I needed a car which I located at a local salvage auction we used to deal with when we owned an auto recycling yard. The 2010 Camaro was an LS model with low mileage and damage to the left rear quarter and roof. Once the repairs were completed and the car titled in my name it was time to search for the donor parts needed for my conversion. Again at the salvage auction I found a nice 2005 Dodge Magnum Wagon that provided the parts I needed and a ton of unneeded parts that I sold to help finance my build.
    With help and encouragement from several of my car friends, the transition of the Camaro into a Wagon was soon underway. I chose to maintain what I call a factory look leaving the stock color and as much of the Camaro as I could. I did add some SS wheels, quarter panel side trim and a chrome grille. The fender script has been modified to now reads NOMARO along with my personalized license plates.
    I recently started driving the Nomaro as I continue with work to finish up some additional items with this build.


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    Sweet build, now thats differant. I bet it gets quite a bit of attention.
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    Wow, That is really cool! very nice job. 1 of a kind!

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