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Thread: Eaton Detroint Sping Information

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    Eaton Detroint Sping Information

    EATON Detroit Spring

    The leading manufacturer of leaf and coil springs for the street rod and restoration industries

    We manufacture our leaf springs according to original factory blueprints in our family-owned shop in the heart of Detroit. Leaf Springs

    Our American-made coil springs will bring your ride height exactly where it should be while keeping a smooth ride quality. Coil Springs

    We can supply fresh attaching bolts for your worn-out suspension as well as installation kits for most sets we sell. Attaching Parts

    Use this portal to establish a relationship with us as a dealer. Send us a simple form and we'll review as soon as we can. Dealer Information

    The Best Choice For Restoring Rare Vehicles

    EATON Springs is the number one choice by hot rodders the world over when it comes to maintaining an authentic suspension for their restoration projects.
    Restoration shops the world over rely on EATON Detroit Spring for authentic, factory-perfect springs.
    Restorations by EATON Spring
    We Also Manufacture Springs For...

    Cars that look classic but have substantial modifications — like a big engines or fiberglass parts — are considered Resto-Mods. Resto-Mod

    Vehicles with substantial modifications are considered Street Rods. We can provide custom design services so you can get the most of your vehicle. Street Rods

    Need replacement or modifying springs for your modern vehicle? You've come to the right place! Modern Vehicles

    If we can put springs on the Wienermobile, we can design springs for your ride. Go ahead, send us a challenge! Custom Design

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    Learn About EATON Springs

    Contact EATON Springs

    Locate & Connect To EATON Springs

    EATON Detroit Spring, Inc.
    1555 Michigan Avenue
    Detroit, MI 48216 Phone: 1 (313) 963-3839

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    Do you guts offer Delrin bushings in your leaf spring kits?

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