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Thread: Is a 68 nova subframe the same as a 69 Camaro subframe?

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    Is a 68 nova subframe the same as a 69 Camaro subframe?

    I have a 69 RS Camaro Convertible. The front subframe has some significant pitting from rust. I have found a 68 Nova subframe in really good shape. Several people have told me it will work. The part numbers of the suspension parts appear to be the same but the part numbers for the frame through a vendor I get most of my parts from is different. Can anyone give me any guidance please? Thank you in advance.

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    From what I recall 68-72 subframe work with 67 -69 Camaro subframes. Not totally sure about radiator support mounting points, but I've done a 70 Nova with a 69 Camaro frame before and it lined up.

    The bigger changes came with the 2nd gen camaro...

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    I think that it is the spacers between the subframe & body. Nova had them & Camaro did not as I recall. And I think that it might have only been on the forward one. I have a '70 Nova. I will try to compare them later today.

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    What did you find out?

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