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What happened to the underbody coating?
Nothing yet. I underestimated how much work the rear end would be. Since my last post I've replaced one drop-off and the rear most part of the inner wheel arch structure on the drivers side. I've cut out the rear tail panel, made repairs to the cross rail and started preping a new tail panel. I found a donor car for the upper piece that includes the lower trunk gutter, so that had to be carefully cut and repaired. I realised that I'm best off not fitting the tail panel until I've done the trunk drop off on the passenger side, which couldn't be done until the outer wheel house is done. My next step is cutting out the old drop off and some minor repairs to the trunk floor that side. When that's done and the tail panel is in, I need to do some work where the parking brake cable goes through the floor and tidy up some ugly old floor repairs in the drivers toe board. Only then will I be ready to finally look at coating the under body.

Maybe 2022 at the rate I'm going.